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White Chapel-At the Van Buren Phoenix AZ

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Whitechapel has been one of the main driving forces for the death core scene. This band continues to push boundaries, and their non-stop work ethic shows why they’re still on top after all these years. They are named after the infamous White Chapel district located in East London, where Jack the Ripper committed heinous acts. The current line up consists of Phil Bozeman, Ben Savage, Gabe Crisp, Alex Wade, and Zach Householder. Setting out on multiple tours last year and this year they’re supporting their latest album ‘KIN’ released in 2021.

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The last time I saw Whitechapel was when they came through Phoenix with Cannibal Corpse. This time around, they were on tour with Trivium. Even though They were the act and being on tour with two huge acts. The Whitechapel fan base comes out in full force. Opening up the night with the ferocious track ‘I will find you’ and hearing Bozeman scream that opening line “The devil is dead” made chills run down my spine. The next four songs would be off their latest album, Anticure, Lost Boy, and Orphan. It’s an absolutely crazy thought to think that mixing death core with medleys would be a thing. Whatever Whitechapel did to figure out the formula earns a ton of a respect. Phil Bozeman went from being one of the most powerful screams in the industry to being an all-around threat! Hearing it live makes you realize the walls that they broke down those walls. Whitechapel set out to accomplish a goal with their sound and executed it with precision. Mid-way through the set, they took it back to 2008 with ‘This is Exile’. And finished the set with what I consider to be one of the best tracks off the album ‘The Valley’ called ‘Doom words’. Every time you think this band hits the ceiling, they break right through it. With the singing element added to their music, I expect Whitechapel’s career to last For years to come

Set list

I Will Find You


Lost Boy


This Is Exile

A Bloodsoaked Symphony

Doom Woods

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