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We Came As Romans sells out Nile Theater on 'Darkbloom' Tour w/ Erra and Brand of Sacrifice

Photographed & Written by Ruben Daniel

The Nile theater hosted a sold out show on Friday February 2nd featuring We Came as Romans, Erra, and Brand of Sacrifice. With a lineup this stacked, it was an easy call to forego locals and get straight to the tour package. The contrast from Erra's ethereal prog elements and the signature metalcore sound of WCAR made for a pleasant surprise to many fans who had not seen Brand of Sacrifice before. Despite being the first act of the night, vocalist/frontman Kyle Anderson obliterated attendees with an unmatched vocal delivery. His onstage demeanor was much more animated with his signature dread locks flailing about, not unlike sentient creatures.

Erra was a welcome performance by many of the prog fans in attendance, along with those who have come to adore the band's guitar acrobatics laid over various polyrhythms. Vocalist JT Cavey screamed over intricate signatures while guitarist Jesse Cash laid soft vocal melodies over the band's more beautiful instrumental passages and big choruses. The varied set list included songs for new and veteran fans alike.

The entire venue was electric by the time WCAR stepped onstage. The production featured an incredible lightshow via a massive digital backdrop. Captivating visuals were displayed during the performances, along with the barrage of heavy booms reverberating the venue. The sold-out crowd was primed for a high-energy performance by the metalcore giants. Emotions ran high as fans sang along with the band, even embracing frontman Dave Stephens who crossed over the barricade. The set came to serve as an homage, as always, to their late member Kyle Pavone, as shown with the initials 'KP' stitched into Dave's jacket.

WCAR is on tour in support of their latest album titled Darkbloom.

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