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Updated: Oct 6, 2022


Review by : Kate Graham

Photos by: Michael Olivas

The hallowed grounds of the Nile Theatre were host to pure evil on the first night of October! Ghouls from all around Mesa Arizona paid tribute to the dark lord along with the spooky musical stylings of The Bridge City Sinners and headlining Satanic Doo Wop band, TWIN TEMPLE on their first show of the “Satanic Orgy USA” tour.

Keeping up the momentum from their recent UK tour and their stop in Sin City for Psycho Las Vegas, The Bridge City Sinners perfectly curated a deliciously evil set list that included all their best songs from each of their albums. Bathed in pink light, Libby Lux (lead vox) and crew kicked off the night with the fan favorite, “Through and Through” from their 2019 Album “Here’s to The Devil”. They quickly followed each song with another perfectly executed routine with little downtime in-between. This fed into the already deliriously excited crowd and after dazzling fans with her screeches that could summon Satan himself, the band breaks into “Devil Like You” which gives Lightnin’ Luke an opportunity to do what he does best...absolutely slay on the fiddle. Sharing vocals with Libby, Luke sings (and plays) his heart out as King Strang (guitar) and Stand-up Bass player Scott Michaud, devilishly strum along to this sad little diddy about being murdered by your sweetheart on your wedding night. They ended their set with “Unholy Hymns,” the unofficial the anthem of the night. With 100% group participation, the crowd sang fervently, continuing the spooky chant well after the Sinners left the stage.


Satanic witches, Zachary and Alexandra James of TWIN TEMPLE brought the sex and magic to the Nile Theatre for the opening show of the Satanic Orgy USA tour. Dressed in their Sunday (or Saturday) best, they blessed the crowd with their delightfully blasphemous music and beautifully orchestrated Satanic rituals. If you have not seen TWIN TEMPLE perform, do so immediately, Satan commands it. The duo performed a few of their hits and vocalist, Alexandra belted out every note as if her life depended on it. I am never, not impressed, by her range and vocal tenacity as she holds notes so long it causes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Their set list was fantastic and included all of my favorites from “Sex Magick,” to” I Know How To Hex You,” and “Lucifer My Love.” At every TWIN TEMPLE show they make sure to reiterate that they are openly against Racism and Transphobia, a welcoming and unifying speech that really gets the crowd in the mood for songs like “I Am A Witch” and “I Am Wicked.” And of course, no Satanic orgy is complete without inviting a starry-eyed disciple on stage to participate in a ritual committing them to the left hand path. After a short reading from their Satanic bible, the ritual ends with the crowd repeatedly chanting “HAIL SATAN.” Please don’t let the lighthearted campiness fool you, Alexnadra, Zachary and their band are true musicians. I can’t say for certain they were not granted their abilities by the dark lord himself...but what famous musician hasn’t offered their soul to Satan for flawless musical talent?


Set list

In Lux

Sex Magick

let's have an orgy

let's hang together

I know how to hex you

Lucifer my love

The Devil

I am a Witch

Satan's a woman

I'm Wicked

In Nox

Formed in 2016 by partners Alexandra James and Zaharie James, TWIN TEMPLE was born from an act of annihilation on Halloween night, which led to the creation of the one-of-a-kind musical treat that wenow call the Satanic Doo Wop. The twins of TWIN TEMPLE are Satanic Witches and students of the Occult; we have been practicing Magick and Witchcraft for much of our lives. In contrast to a 24-hour live session with the band, explained Zachary James, we played all of the instruments (except for saxophone) ourselves, as well as producing, engineering, and mixing the single ourselves. The crossroads, the crossroads, the spot where the Devil makes his deals; this is the spot where blending two supposedly disparate forms of magic could explode into genesis for something that has not been seen before, and this is the spot where TWIN TEMPLE performed the spell that released the enthralling sound creature from deep.

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