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Todd Smith from Polkadot Cadaver~Interview

Dog fashion disco has been a huge part of my life and I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning. I remember first seeing you guys at the Whiskey a go-go Hollywood CA in early 2000. Your sound has evolved and morphed over the years especially with the numerous projects that all offer something different, but you still stay true to your original sound. Can you talk us through your writing process whether it be DFD, El Creepo, Polkadot Cadaver, Knives out or your new project Beyond paranoid?

The writing process for the most part starts with a guitar riff or riffs pieced together. Jasan and I have hundreds of riffs that we pull from to put together a tune. Like fitting puzzle pieces. Same approach with lyrics… I’ve got a ton of random lyrics that are in my notes section on my phone that will get used at some point.

Acid memoirs will always be one of my favorite songs as I actually heard it while being on acid! A good friend came over with a couple cubes and said I have to listen to the album Committed to a bright future which was just released, which I might add is a solid album front to back! The song obviously spoke to me and ended up being my always go to. How did the lyrics and song come to be?

Acid Memoirs is 20 years old so I don’t really remember how the music came to be but the lyrics are all true recollections from random acid trips when I was a younger man.

I felt that Polkadot cadaver was a game changer musically and really stretched all of your musical abilities. From the slow love songs to the fast paced get the mosh pit going songs. Every album has something different to offer and creates its own sound. Its almost as if your music adapts and takes on a persona to that particular album. Is there one particular album that your really proud of from Polkadot Cadaver and why does it mean so much to you?

I really can’t pick a favorite Polkadot Cadaver album. They all have their strong points imo. Purgatory Dance Party definitely has a good amount of bangers that translate well in a live setting. I love everything about Polkadot.

The world wants to know!

what are your favorite dinosaurs?

Triceratops… they look cool and eat plants so I’d be safe riding one down the street.

Pancakes or waffles?

Definitely Pancakes

Are there any plans to rerelease the album Sex offender on vinyl?

Sex Offender being released on vinyl would be decided by the owner of the masters-Rotten records. I’d love to re-record it and put it on vinyl though.

You guys don’t tour very often but when you do its always a party! How has the dad bods tour been treating you guys so far?

The Dad Bods tour has been great. Good turnouts, good $, energetic and friendly fans… 7 shows left and that’s a wrap. It’s seemed to lumber along though cause we’re old and crotchety.

We were at the Scottsdale Arizona date and I have to point out its great to see a front man come out to the crowd and spend pretty much the whole time on the floor with their fans. It shows how much you care and show support back to the fans. It means so much to all of us! Do you have any crazy stories or any incidents that have happened while performing in a large crowd?

There are a bunch of stories I’ve probably forgotten but I remember this one guy in Corpus Christi, Texas front row spitting on me and I was like wtf? Apparently, according to his friend that’s how he expresses that he likes the band. People are fucking weird.

Its hair plug time! Do you guys have anything in the works that you want to promote or announce ?

We’ll be putting out another Polkadot Cadaver album next year. I’m really looking forward to that. Playing a few dozen shows next year to support that as well. Anyway, thanks for the interview! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻T

Photos from pub rock live Scottsdale Arizona 9|20|22


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