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REVOCATION boiling Arizona on the Neatherheaven Tour 2022

When I heard Revocation was starting their tour after the release of their newest Album, "Netherheaven", I definitely wanted to cover this event and I'm so glad I did, but first let's take a look at the face-melting support on this tour.

I've yet to see any of these bands on this bill live so I was very eager to get to The Nile Theater early in order to catch every band. The opening band is Arizona's very own Dead World Reclamation. When they got up on stage, they jumped right into heavy death metal and immediately had me banging my head.

After Dead World Reclamation had the crowd nice and warmed up, death metal band Inoculation was up and they did not disappoint! Listening to their super heavy technical riffs, you'd never know they're a three-piece band. They worked hard to get the crowd moving and got the mosh-pit moving.

Once Inoculation blistered the stage, the crowd was begging for more death metal. It was time for Alluvial and I knew I was in for a treat. I've been a fan of Alluvial for a bit now and know how blazing hot their songs are. Once the band started, I had to remember I was there to photograph this concert and not jump into the mosh-pit. These guys really delivered a badass set and I couldn't have been happier. These guys are always on my recommendation list. Check out Alluvial! You won't regret it.

Things were really getting heated up by now and I was ready for the one and only KRISIUN! This Brazilian death metal band will give you whip-lash in no time. The three brothers, Alex Camargo (Bassist/ Vocals), Moyses Kolesne (Guitarist), and Max Kolesne (Drummer) have a blood-bonded connection and it really shows on stage. Once Krisiun got on stage, they demanded movement from the growing crowd. The Nile Theater really started to move and Krisiun was pleased.

Finally, it was that time. It was that time the crowd reserved energy for. REVOCATION! As the band started to pour out on stage, the now-crowded theater let out roars and screams of excitement. Founding member and frontman, Dave Davidson came out and yelled into the mic, "PHOENIX, ARIZONA! WE ARE REVOCATION! ARE YOU READY TO HEAR SOME DEATH METAL?!?! LETS FUCKING GO!" and jumped right into "Nihilistic Violence", a new song off their new album "Netherheaven". The mosh-pit was already in full swing and the whole band's heads were banging on stage.

The stage lighting was going spastic trying to keep up with the liquid hot riffs. I noticed that Revocation also brought some of their own lighting to really get things to their own liking and I absolutely loved it. As I ran from one side of the stage to the other in order to get my photographs, I had a hectic time in the best way. The band was all over the stage and you could tell they love what they do.

After a few songs, I had to double-take because the DEVIL ran out onto stage teasing and chasing Dave Davidson around the stage to get him to sign a "Soul Contract". At this point, you could tell the whole band was having so much fun on stage and the crowd was loving every second. I know I'm always down for a good time and a good laugh. Revocation came to Arizona and absolutely put on a fantastic show. This was the first time I've seen them live and must say I will definitely be at their next Arizona stop. If you ever get the opportunity to see Revocation live, don't make excuses. Be there! You won't regret a second of it.

You can Catch Revocation from now until mid-October 2022 on their North American Tour.

Revocation set list 9/27/22

1. Nihilistic Violence

2. Diabolical Majesty

3. The outer ones

4. That witch consumes things

5. God Forsaken

6. The 9th chamber

7. Re-crucified

8. Madness Opus

9. Theater of Horror

10. Dismantle the dictator

11. A starless Darkness

12. Of unworldly origin

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