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Rammstein Scorched Los Angeles on the North American Stadium Tour 2022

September twenty-fourth two thousand twenty-two RAMMSTEIN is set in place to play their second show in a row at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I arrived about two hours before they were due to hit the stage and the Coliseum was already packed. When I first checked in, I walked a little to check out the merch booths and snag a $16 beer. As soon as I saw the stage I was amazed at how big and how much it towered. It looked like an industrial complex that would perfectly complement Rammstein's industrial metal music.

As the sky started to dim, I headed to the floor level to get ready for showtime. The concert began with Duo Jatekok. A pair of women who played stunning classic piano covers of Rammstein songs. They played on a platform that stood over the soundboard about 15 feet behind me. It seemed as if the entire Coliseum came to life as everyone was singing along. It was just about that time as the sun started to set and the sky turned black, it was about the time for the main act.

On the main stage, Rammstein's iconic logo started to rise up the large central tower. Christoph "Doom" Schneider (Drummer) took the stage and the crowd let out a large cheer. As soon as he struck his drums a loud "boom" and explosion let out and started the intro to "Armee Der Tristen" following closely behind, Christian "Flake" Lorenz (Keyboardist) walked onto stage from a center opening under the drum riser and took the right stage followed by Oliver Reidel (Bassist) taking left stage with Richard Kruspe (Lead Guitarist) taking the center-right stage and Paul Landers (Rhythm Guitarist) taking the center-left stage. A quick pause then they all jumped into the song. Shortly after, Till Lindemann (Frontman/Vocals) takes center stage throwing his arms up and gesturing to the crowd to make some noise.

I was in awe of how incredible the sound was. As avid concertgoers know, it's not common to see a show done with such perfection from sound to visual cues to stage presence. I was absolutely blown away by how well everything was perfectly timed. If you were to ask me if there are any mistakes I've noticed, I wouldn't be able to name one. Just watching every member of the band playing perfectly coordinated was jaw-dropping. As you would expect, the pyrotechnics were just outstanding with fire and explosions throughout their whole set.

Rammstein went on to play many of their well-known songs they had the American crowd singing in German and dancing their cares away. They played songs such as "Du Host", "Deutschland", and "Pussy". After the first half of the show, Rammstein end up on the platform above the soundboard about 15 feet behind me all standing in a spaced uniformed fashion all singing the song "Engel" while being played on piano by Duo Jatekok. After the song, they proceeded to get on inflatable rafts and went from that platform to the stage about 40 yards away on a sea of roaring fans. They went about 2 feet in front of me, I was able to touch the inflatables! That felt so surreal and as a fan since childhood, I might have fan'd out a bit.

I wish I could write about everything I saw, but you would be here forever reading as each song and everything in between had so much detail. Every song had its own story, complete with visuals and even some costume changes. Rammstein is a must-see for any metal music fan. I can guarantee that you will get your money's worth. I can't get over how well done this concert was!

Set List

1. Armee der Tristen

2. Zick Zack

3. Links 2-3-4

4. Sehnsucht

5. Zeig dich

6. Mein Herz brennt

7. Puppe

8. Heirate mich

9. Zeit

10. Deutschland

(Remix by Richard Z. Kruspe)

11. Deutschland

12. Radio

13. Mein Teil

14. Du hast

15. Sonne


16. Engel

(with Duo Játékok)

17. Ausländer

18. Du riechst so gut

19. Pussy

*Encore 2

20. Rammstein

21. Ich will

22. Adieu

23. Sonne

(Piano version)


(Haiswing Remix by Olsen Involtini)

25. Ohne dich

(Piano version *Recording, not performed*)

Photos by Adam Gutierrez

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