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Nox Novacula~ Finding beauty in Death

"Emanating from the pallid, meager cemetery known as Seattle, Washington, Nox Novacula assumed the form of flesh in 2017 in an attempt to spread their hymns of gothic rock n' roll to the unassuming masses. Nox Novacula breathes a breath of cold, dead air over the corpse of the modern goth and death rock scene."~source Bandcamp bio

Sunday night 13th floor Entertainment brought out death rockers Nox Novacula, The New Skeletal Faces and AZ's own goth wave band Tassel.

Tassel opened up the night and there's a reason they're taking the Arizona goth scene by storm. They're a 3 piece post punk/goth wave band that put you in a trance and make your dead soul dance around your local graveyard. Don't sleep on this band and check them out now!!! Satan's black heart demands it.


Up next was New Skeletal Faces who I've never actually listened to until I saw there name on the flyer. Thrown into the death rock genre they don't shy away from covering other avenues. Seeing them live made me a huge fan and from the crowds reaction I think Arizona is going to be a solid stop for them in the future. They definitely mix it up and cover other genres as I heard riffs that could be in a blistering black metal song. This band is straight up fun. I know what your thinking when I say the word "fun" but honestly see them live and you'll understand why. Check them out you won't regret it!


Finally Nox Novacula was taking the stage! This 4 piece from Seattle has been making major lead way with their new album and turning heads left and right. Regardless of the type of music you listen to, this band is talented and will certainly get you moving. Ascension is their latest album and from front to back theres not a bad track on it.

Drug (bitter pill) face the stench, and shattered world are a couple of my favorites off this album. Living in the desert has its benefits from the monsoons to the beautiful sky's at sunset. This is the type of album that makes me want to get in my car and just drive through the desert blasting it as loud as I possible can. Ezra's voice is beautifully haunting and a powerful one. She instantly pulls you into the music and you can feel the pain, love, and soul pouring out of her. All while Charlotte is stringing away on the guitar going from sinister riffs to a dark melodic soulful journey. Dav the bass and keyboard player is a god damn beast! An absolutely natural talent who carries the low end! Then you have Zu on drums that brings it all together. Zu's talents just pour out of him and every hit is pure precision.

The bands entire performance at the Nile underground was an intimate and outer body experience! While I would love to hear them on the biggest stages seeing them in a such a small venue was such a treat. I don't think one person in this venue didn't have their eyes locked on the band, no one has having personal conversations and everyone was just living in this moment dancing the night away. If you've never seen Nox Novacula live now is the time! I promise it will make your tiny black heart grow a few sizes!

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