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Music In The Desert. Zona Music Fest 2022 Phoenix, Arizona

Written and Photographed by Ruben Daniel

Instagram @redfauxto

If you have been to any mentionable shows in the valley this year, chances are it was a PsykoSteve production. The team is responsible for bringing some of the best musical acts to the valley, and Zona was no exception. This year's inaugural ZONA Fest brought a refreshing collection of alt-rock and indie bands from across the country to the heart of Arizona.

Throughout a weekend, Hance Park was filled with anthemic tunes, both recent and old. Bands playing fan favorites as well as some of the more obscure songs had scores of people enthralled throughout a rain-filled Saturday, and even muddier Sunday.

Fans trudged through the mud to hear Japanese Breakfast, Beach House, The Front Bottoms, and Bleachers on the main stage, appropriately named the Nicks stage after the legendary vocalist. The beautifully constructed stage, along with the incredible light shows and production from the engineers, made for an incredible live experience. The Ronstadt, Mingus, and Eddy stages were also the site of some fantastic supporting acts with their vibrant setup.

For Arizona natives, one of the bands to watch was surely Playboy Manbaby. These guys are a staple in the Arizona scene, while also having plenty of reach across the globe thanks to their hilarious social media presence. A wonderful cacophony along with the incredible theatrics onstage delivered an unforgettable set.

Zona Fest premiered this year with a phenomenal line-up, setting the bar high for many more of these to come.

Written and Photographed by Ruben Daniel

Instagram @redfauxto

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