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Mercyful Fate rules over Phoenix with Kreator and Midnight

I was very excited to finally get the opportunity to see Mercyful Fate live and since they haven't toured in 23 years, I knew I had to be at this show. The other thing I was very excited about was the very solid lineup for this tour! Germany's thrash-metal legends KREATOR and the insane dark rockers Midnight! I knew this night was definitely going to be a night to remember.

As I met up with all the other photographers I could hardly hold my anticipation to photograph MIDNIGHT! The reason being is I knew they have an insanely energetic stage presence that gives every band on the bill a run for their money. When Midnight got on stage, in an instant the guitarist was already standing on the amps getting ready to go wild and before I knew it all members were all over the place giving all the photographers a bit of exercise. This is a band I'd definitely love to see again. They know how to get crowds going and know how to use every bit of the stage.

The next band was a special one for me as I've been a Kreator fan for a long time. They're a huge inspiration for me as a musician and let's be honest always put out incredible music. As I waited for the band to come out on stage I could hardly hold back my excitement. Not only did I get to see the legendary KREATOR, but after their

set, I had an interview lined up with bassist Frederic Leclercq that had my anxiety through the roof, but let's save that for another post. I knew Kreator would definitely get the mosh pit going, so every chance I got I'd try to glance back to try and witness the madness. They played hits such as "Satan Is Real", and "Violent Revolution" and songs off their new album "Hate Uber Alles" such as "Strongest Of The Strong" and "Hate Uber Alles" two songs that'll get any crowd moving. It was needless to say nothing short of amazing seeing Kreator live.

The night wasn't over yet. There was plenty of darkness left in fact because MERCYFUL FATE is set to take the stage and the crowd tried to gather whatever energy they had left after Midnight and Kreator heated the stage up. Everyone knew they were in for something special as I stated before, Mercyful Fate hasn't toured in over TWO decades. Arizona was in dire need of something sinister. A huge "MERCYFUL FATE" banner draped over the stage fueling the crowd with excitement and anticipation of what the future of the night held. Then suddenly the banner dropped exposing the amazing stage setup. A huge pentagram directly under an even larger inverted cross. Two archways at both ends of the stage on a white marble platform and stairs. The intro to "The Oath" started to play and King Diamond walked in from the right archway up the pentagram and lined himself up center upper stage under the inverted cross. As the song hit the heavy part I glanced back and must've seen countless excited fans with their phones out trying to get photos and video of the epic stage and Mercyful Fate.

Something I noticed as the whole band got out on stage was they had a fill-in bassist for Joey Vera. Becky Baldwin did an amazing job that would be hard to beat. Guitarist Hank Shermann played every note with perfection and confidence. Watching him play was truly witnessing a professional at their finest. Drummer Bjare Holm was incredibly precise without even coming close to missing a beat. when I see a band as a whole

come together immediately I know I'm in for an amazing show. I was just completely blown away by everything this band brought to the stage. I have seen quite a few amazing concerts this year and this is definitely up there with the finest. King Diamond brought such an amazing vibe and theatrical stage presence that few can come close to. If I ever get the chance to see Mercyful Fate again, I won't hesitate. This isn't a concert you want to miss.

Merycyful Fate

Arizona Financial Theatre

Phoenix, Arizona


Mercyful Fate's Set list for 10|27|2022

  • The Oath

  • A Corpse Without A Soul

  • The Jackal Of Salzburg

  • Curse Of The Pharaohs

  • A Dangerous Meeting

  • Doomed By The Living Dead

  • Melissa

  • Black Funeral

  • Evil

  • Come To The Sabbath

  • Satan's Fall

  • (Recording) To One Far Away

Photos of Mercyful Fate

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