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Crown The Empire, hailing from Dallas Texas, opened the show with their signature post metalcore riffs and insane stage presence. They are a welcomed addition to the KNOTFEST family and were well received by the crowd. Crown The Empire is a dynamic, and tour worthy band and I can see why SLIPKNOT brought them along for this tour.



Following the opening band was Ice Nine Kills. Originally from Boston Massachusetts and formed in early 2000, they have honed their sound and have quite the following. Not always a metal band, they eventually shifted from punk/ska to the post hardcore/ metalcore territory. They certainly found their sweet spot and have been making waves ever since. This was my first time seeing them and was surprised by their theatrics and musicianship. It’s as though a horror movie was being performed live while a band was playing, very Hotel Hell meet Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I particularly enjoyed when they initially took the stage - The lights dimmed and each member shifted into position while a huge led screen lit up with a giant graveyard. The fan base for Ice Nine Kills was intense and it sounded as if everyone in the crowd knew every single word to their entire set! Ice Nine Kills puts on an impressive show that you don’t want to look away from.



At this point the crowd was sweating with anticipation and not so patiently waiting for the headlining band, SLIPKNOT to take the stage. Every time SLIPKNOT comes to Arizona the fans always bring it and I am never disappointed. It's amazing to see everyone dressed up like members of the band, taking pictures with other fans and showing off their expertly constructed outfits. Ak-Chin Pavilion is a huge venue with a capacity of 20,000. The pit area and lawn were completely packed with exhilarated fans and it didn’t look like they could fit a single extra person in. Huge thanks to the Ak-Chin Pavilion security team for keeping every safe.

A gigantic SLIPKNOT screen was up covering the entire stage. The set opened with ACDC "For Those About To Rock" which cause the entire venue to erupt with screams. As ACDC faded out a sample started and the lights started to flash. The opening riff to "Disasterpiece" started playing and then Jay came in with his drum roll. The lights started moving faster and faster and as Jay hit that double bass Corey screamed “Nobody stop me”. The curtain dropped and IT WAS ON! The set list was full of hits from Wait and Bleed, Dead Memories, Dulaity, Unsainted, and The Heretic Anthem. They played one song off the brand new album “The End, So Far” The Dying Song, which made the show feel like they were really paying tribute to their long time fans and not just trying to capitalize on their newest works. After a few songs, Corey took a moment to address the rumors that this is not the end of the band but the a new beginning for them. He exclaimed that this marks another 25 years of SLIPKNOT and they will continue growing and performing, stronger than ever.

SLIPKNOT brought the heat to Arizona with their insane pyrotechnics show. From the photo pit, you really get a sense of the serious heat from the blasts of fire, so the fact that the members of SLIPKNOT are covered head to toe in outfits made me respect them on a whole new level. SLIPKNOT has an amazing work ethic that is reminiscent of Slayer. They’re a non stop touring machine, while still releasing albums and an endless supply of new merchandise. It's no wonder their fan base is so incredibly loyal. All in all, this was another solid KNOTFEST with some amazing new acts and SLIPKNOT scorching the AZ metal scene like no one else can do.



Set list


Wait and Bleed

All out life


Before I forget

The dying song

Dead memories


The heretic Anthem




Spit it out





“Till we die”

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