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Interview with Winterhaven from Flagstaff AZ

Photo by:Micalaaustin

WinterHaven (Ammon Jack, Brendo Goepfrich, Scrotum Henderson, Nick Schira) is a ctrl-alt-punk band influenced heavily by Pierce The Veil, Alkaline Trio, and The Offspring, as well as artists like Paramore, Infant Sorrow, Backstreet Boys, and the soundtrack to Pirates Of The Caribbean. They have been frequently described as having a sound reminiscent of the early 90’s, and are making a goal to bring music they’ve fallen in love with back into the mainstream.

WinterHaven has attracted a solid and rapidly growing fan base over the 3 years they've been around, with two full length albums released ("Apparition" recorded and produced by Dave @Mudshark Studios, B3 recorded and produced by Matt Good @Switchblade Studios). A third album is currently in motion and set for release Spring of 2023, utilizing help from Joey Bradford (The Used) and Ryan "Fluff" Bruce (Dragged Under).-

I originally saw you guys at punk in drublic and it as my first-time hearing you guys! I was instantly impressed with your sound and your stage presence. It reminded me of 90’s pop punk music and it felt authentic! When you guys started this band what was the message you wanted to convey, and did you have an idea ahead of time before creating your music ?

There’s never been a specific position we’ve wanted to push, and we try to keep it that way. We’ve always wanted to keep our lyrics targeted for people like us. Those lacking in the leggings, so to speak. Runt of the litter, as it were. Measured in cm. We’ve always wanted to play the music we listen to, and the easiest way to find it is to make it!
Being on the big stage seemed like it was a walk in the park for you guys! Were you guys nervous at all?

That was our first festival we’ve ever played, and it was certainly a change of pace! It felt easier than some local or “homegrown” shows though, because the organization among the festival crew was top notch and a huge comfort. As long as they knew what they were doing, we could do our small part with our small parts. Is there a back story of how you guys got on to punk in drublic? There is, but I can’t tell you what it is. I was sworn to secrecy by Britain’s MI7, which I also can’t tell you any more about. You just recently played Punk in the park which was a huge punk festival! Tell us a little about that and what it felt like playing with some of the biggest names in punk history? The amount of bands that came on our Spotify playlist coincidentally on the way to that festival was almost comical! It was a huge blessing to be able to play with and meet these successful and amazing musicians. It really gives you something to reach for. The community they’ve built is a force to be reckoned with, too! Thanks to everyone who made that happen for us! Do you have any fun preshow rituals? We don’t have any, unfortunately. We’ve tried to start some and they’ve never stuck. I could make some up for you though! Stomping on each other’s toes to make sure we’re light-footed, some light 2nd-degree vandalism, and perhaps a snack of granola bars and cheese sticks. On to the more serious questions! Pancakes or waffles? Jack : French Toast or bust. Brendo : Waffles Scrotum : Pancakes Nick :Pancakes if homemade, waffles if outsourced. Everyone loves a killer breakfast burrito! What ingredients would you use to make your perfect breakfast burrito? Jack :….What even goes into burritos? I just pick #3 everywhere and hope for the best Brendo : Eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, and green salsa. Scrotum : Hot dog Nick : I was going to list out my options, but honestly “hot dog” sounds like a good one. I think work ethic and quality is what separates local bands. There’s the obvious one where a band is in the right place at the right time, but its amazing to see your guys work ethic! I have to say I can see its been paying off, playing with bands like Guttermouth, NOFX, and 311 which are all huge names. What drives you guys and how do you feel you separate yourself from other bands?
Our manager, Jamie, is the biggest help we could ask for. Without him, we’d just be four dudes with nothing between the ears or legs trying our best. There are a few things we stay strict about, however (sober shows, professional vernacular, etc). When we treat it like a second job, rather than a party, it helps to keep ourselves straight and on track to the long term goal of making this our primary job. Pizza delivery can’t sustain forever!
Live photos by Reagle photography

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