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Elder at The Rebel Lounge

On the night of August 17th, psychedelia and heaviness abounded at the Rebel Lounge, battering and uplifting a massive crowd that gathered for performances by Dreadnought, Ruby the Hatchet, and Elder. What followed was a display of technical professionalism, musical excellence, and absolute perfection in terms of performance.

Following a performance by local doomers Aiwass, Dreadnought took the stage for a display of blackened doom rock, a genre that very well may be constrained to Dreadnought and Dreadnought alone. Mystical melodies and haunting guitars combined with the howling screams and staccato guitars of black metal. Lead vocalist Kelly Schilling displayed an uncanny versatility in her vocals, enchanting an audience that was shocked and amazed by the way that she interspersed beauty with agony. Overall, Dreadnought was a sight to behold and should not be missed if they come to a town near you.

Next up was raucous psychedelic rock n’ roll band Ruby the Hatchet. Frontwoman Jillian Taylor commanded the stage with a presence that is hard to quantify, strutting and owning the audience within moments of beginning the set. One highlight in particular that stuck with me was their cover of Uriah Heep’s “Easy Livin’,” an already uplifting song that was made fresh by the band in their cover version. Ruby the Hatchet’s impressive mixture of old school rock n’ roll, stoner, and psychedelia is unique, vibrant, and ultimately contains so much passionate effervescence as to captivate even the most ambivalent audience member.

Headliners Elder are legends of the stoner/psychedelic scene in their own right, having released several albums that changed the landscape of the genres in which they reside. Their live performance takes already captivating material and brings it to an in your face sonic level. One of the things that really stands out about Elder is just how tight they are. Guitars and vocals are weaved together in a seemingly incomprehensible manner that comes together as one grand sound. As a musician, I found myself captivated by their brilliantly assembled songwriting structures and sonic approach just as much as I was captivated by their energetic stage presence. Elder is a leader in the stoner/psychedelia scene for a reason - they’re simply that good.

Thanks again to the staff at Rebel Lounge and 13th Floor Entertainment for an incredible night of music!

Thank you to AZA event capture for teaming up with Cultivated Chaos!!!

Review by Blake Carrera

Photos of Elder &Ruby the Hatchet by Adam AZA event capture

Photos of Dreadnaught Michael

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