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Deathcave at Yucca Tap Room

Seattle-based doom/sludge trio DeathCave which features members of Worshipare, Throne of Bones, Brain Scraper, and Swampheavy. Together Michael, Tony and Benny formed a power house band, all while creating and morphing different genres together to create a huge sound. They literally cover every genre and do it with justice. They don’t shy away with going all in and making sure the sound is absolutely perfect.

Rob from Thra expertly curated this amazing line-up along with newcomers Eternal, who are up and coming in the AZ extreme scene. They opened up the night and got everyone going with their blistering death and grind sound. This band is definitely on the rise and I highly recommend checking them out!


With it being a Thursday night in Tempe AZ you never know how many people are going to show up. I remember seeing DeathCave about a year ago at the same venue at The Yucca Tap room on a Tuesdaynight and there was maybe 15 people there. Well holy shit did the Arizona scene show up last night. It was a packed house tonight and everyone was ready for their ears to start bleeding. I was talking with Tony after the show and he mentioned “how awesome it is to see the scene show up for them”.

If you’ve never seen DeathCave live don’t try to be brave and think you don’t need ear plugs. Trust me when I say this, you do! They hit decibels that will make your ears ring for 3 days straight. Chris from Doom Tomb podcast clocked them in around 122 decibels. The average music festival or concert is around 100 decibels. What you hear on record is what you get live just louder and 100 times more intense. DeathCave ended up playing only four songs but on average their songs are normally 6 to 7 minutes long.

DeathCave opened up with a brand new song called “Pillars of creation”. While a majority of bands morph over time and change their sound. DeathCave stayed true to their unique sound and yes, this is a great thing! While the new song hit all the check marks that DeathCave paved their way with, this new song was relentless, powerful and absolutely brutal.

Every member in the band brings their own element and stage presence. From Michael’s high pitched blistering black metal scream to Tony’s powerful low growl. Their vocals mix up perfectly and end up being an endless onslaught to anyone listening. You can literally feel the pain and suffering pouring out of their vocals chords. Between Michaels larger than life stage presence destroying everything in his path. He’s an absolute monster on stage it’s hard to take your eyes off him. You then have Tony who has let’s start a party while thrashing around attitude. I was instantly reminded of the Married with Children episode where Anthrax shows up and plays at the Bundy's house. He goes from all smiles to that sinster stare as if Satan himself is about to pour out of soul. Benny is the center piece that’s precise and focused. He’s the one thats holding the entire house together. They're all extremely humble and solid dude's. I definitely expect huge things from DeathCave in the near future and can’t wait for new material. This is not a band you want to ignore!

On a personal level I have so much respect for all the members in this band. During Yatra there was some guy being that dude everyone hates in the most pit. For whatever reason he started to target me and then ripped my flash off my camera. Tony stepped in with a quickness and handled the situation. A HUGE thank you to Tony and Michael for helping out!!



Rounding out the night was Yatra from Maryland who are a sludge death metal band and god damn do they put on a show. This band does not fuck around they had the entire venue in a circle pit.


Local legends, Thra, closed out the night and regardless of how many times you’ve seen this band they just keep upping the ante.



DeathCave Set list

Pillars of Creation (new song)

Death Cave

The Ritual

Birch Trees Are Bones

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