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Updated: Sep 24, 2022


 Is from Seattle WA and formed in 2018 by Michael Freiburger, Benny Koslosky, and Tony Munoz. It’s a cosmic doom experience only these three can deliver. They incorporate thrash, psychedelic, black metal and doom. The band is named after the infamous Death Cave in Winslow AZ.

Apache Death Cave"

IN 1878, A GROUP OF Apache raiders attacked a Navajo encampment near the Little Colorado river. Almost every Navajo man, woman, and child was killed in the raid. When the Apache finished looting the encampment, only three girls remained and they were swiftly taken prisoner by the Apache.” You should finish the story of the deathCAVE. How the Navajo went to try and reduce the girls and burned them all alive!!!

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When you guys started DeathCave did you already have a clear direction musically for the band?

We had an idea of what we wanted.  Neurosis meets Black Sabbath meets darkthrone. But as time has passed we have been growing as a band and so has our sound.  Our newest record is going to be quite crushing with more death metal influence and shorter songs around 6 minutes or so. 

Your live performance was absolutely amazing and I was completely blown away. The fans blowing into your hair was a pretty epic touch. Were they planned or did you bring them along knowing most venues get pretty hot inside?

We are all over 250. We are big bois who get hot super easy. The fans we always have so we can rock out super hard without overheating! It’s just a total bonus that they make us look awesome with our long ass hair just blowing in the wind.  Smoking Mountain came out in 2020 and was an absolute beast of an album. How did you guys go about the writing process and orchestrating the songs?We had written one song prior to really sitting back to write the album. The rest we wrote together as a complete thought. Wanting to cover all the bases musically we wanted to achieve in under 44 minutes(which is standard single LP length). Really happy with how the record came out.  Never wrote an album as a complete thought. Usually just write song by song. Also we recorded in an old church in a small town in northern Washington. I’ve also never went somewhere to record. We slept in the church. We were completely dedicated all day to making that album for 5 days.  Was a great experience with our dear friend Ben Verellen who engineered and produced the album for us.

I know Freiburger is a big Conan the Barbarian fan. As am I!!

Also how many watermelons have been destroyed by the sword?

Not sure.  Me and Jesse from bell witch and Pat from drouth went to the beach to drink beers and have a fire one summer day (back when I drank, 7 years sober this month!) I brought an axe and some water melons to be Gallagher style destroyed. Called it axe melon and was something we did a few times! Just get drunk at the beach and roundhouse some melons and solo r em with an axe! Once I got my sword it seemed only fitting to use that and the rest is history. I’ve had a couple of the videos go viral. Hahaha. Being a nerd rules. 

Do you guys have anything currently planned for another tour or new album?

We are announcing tomorrow! So after this interview comes out it will be on the books.  We will be doing a west coast tour in September with our dear friends in Yatra from Baltimore on prosthetic records.  Gonna play yucca tap room again with thra and eternal! 

What is a surprising influence on your sound that some people might not expect?

Sade and Kate Bush! We love our sad songs! 

Where do you see the horizon for doom as a genre?

There are tons of bands out there and it's becoming more difficult to differentiate yourself. With every band I personally have been in I always like to be in heavy ass bands! And I love mixing the genres up. That’s hip now but back when I first started playing music is was super looked down upon. But that never stopped me. I like punk, black metal, doom, hardcore, death metal, sludge and you can hear all those influences in all the music I have made over the last 25 years! I love seeing more bands doing the death and black metal style doom. I am cheerin for that to be the next hot ticket in metal! 


Check out DeathCave at yucca tap room September 22nd


// Seattle, WA //


// Baltimore, MD //




7:30PM // 21+ ONLY // $10 at the door

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