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CLUTCH Shaking up Phoenix

On October 4th, 2022 The Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona was the place to be. Clutch with Helmet, Quicksand, and JD Pinkus was due to perform. I was in a hurry because I love catching every band anytime I go to a concert and I was calling it close. At each stop light, I'd reach over, prep my cameras, and prepare them for the show. By the time I got through security, I had just enough time to catch JD Pinkus's whole set and I'm glad I did.

JD Pinkus, who is also the bassist for the Butthole Surfers, introduced this solo project featuring nothing more than himself, a banjo, and a whole heap of effects. I never listened to his solo band and must say the psychedelic blue grass with experimental groovy tunes is a trip on its own.

He was very entertaining to watch with some humor in between songs. I'd love to catch his set again, but maybe with a joint in one hand and a whiskey in the other.

After JD Pinkus got everyone dazed and ready for Quicksand! I was pretty excited since I've been a Quicksand fan since I heard their music as a teenager. As soon as the band came out on stage the crowd let out a loud cheer and everyone was ready to move. When they played the song, "Fazer" the whole crowd grooved and got lost in the music. Definitely a band I'd love to see headline a tour soon.

Now that Quicksand had the whole venue actively moving, it was time for Helmet to really get the place bouncing. As soon as they started I can see the whole crowd dancing to the music and having the time of their lives.

The whole room really got going with excitement when the band started to play their hit song, "Unsung". I could hear screams of excitement over their music at times. The boys in Helmet were loving every second of it. You can tell this band lives and dies for their fans. After their set Kyle Stevenson (drummer) jumped off the stage and started taking selfies and high-fiving his fans. The look on his face said everything about his love for his fans. The whole band spent a little extra time waving and tossing guitar picks and handing the set lists out to their screaming fans. I find it incredibly awesome when bands really appreciate their fans.

Now the time has come that brought hundreds of fans out. It's time for CLUTCH to hit the stage. As the band came out on stage, Neil Fallon (vocals) took the right stage and just gave a genuine smile and wave to the fans. Another artist showing a true look of appreciation and love for his screaming fans.

Clutch immediately jumped into the song "Impetus" and the show was on! Neil Fallon was all over the stage back and forth as Tim Sult (Guitarist) and Dan Maines (Bassist) stood at each end of the stage playing each note to perfection with Jean-Paul Gaster jamming on the drums at back center stage. While I was deeply into trying to get the right photographs I'd glance back here and there and just watch the crowd jam out. I even noticed a mosh-pit going on to some of the heavier songs. Watching this band you can tell these guys really play from the heart. As the band was well into their set the now sweat-drenched singer, Neil Fallon was still getting down just as hard as he did the very first song and so were the fans. Clutch played many fan-favorite songs including "X-Ray", "Firebirds", and "The Face". This was such a fun concert to be at and if you weren't there, you really missed out. I have to say this was the first time I saw Clutch live and I was not let down. These guys really get into their music and really get the fans into it as well. You can bet your ass I'll be at the next Clutch concert here in Arizona.

Clutch Setlist



  • X-RAY


















More photographs of CLUTCH at The Van Buren 10|04|22 Phoenix, Arizona

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