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Cattle Decapitation-At Arizona Financial Theater

Cattle Decapitation has been around since 1996. This is deathgrind band that has earned it’s badge to be at the top of list amongst the metal elitist. The band started out as an all vegan death band that used music to spread their message against animal cruelty. After a couple of lineup changes there is only two current members who are vegetarian, Travis, and Josh. The current line up is Travis Ryan, Josh Elmor, Dave McGraw, Belisario Dimuzio, and Olivier Pinard.



Cattle Decapitation was currently on tour as a supporting act for Amon Amarth. This was a stacked line up with Obituary and Carcass on the bill. To be honest, I was particularly excited to see Cattle Decapitation as it’s been a few years since I’ve seen them last. Cattle is is an absolute blast live and everytime I’ve seen them it’s a 10 out of 10! The only complaint I would throw out there is that their set is cut down to 30 minutes because they’re a supporting act. Give us two fucking hours of straight head banging mayhem. I’m positive you’d get nothing but a ton of Cattle Decapitation fans walking out the door with huge smiles, or maybe just a bunch of sweaty metal dudes screaming Cattle Decapitation at the top of their lungs. Cattle’s set was pure destruction that they're known for. They were on point at every level and setting the bar high is something Cattle Decapitations fans expect. With every passing year they just get keep getting better and better, and not letting compliancy take the wheel.

Opening up the night with ‘The Geocide' off their latest album ‘Death Atlas’. Travis’s blistering scream at the beginning of the song literally made the hair on my neck stand straight up. Keeping the theme going the next couple of songs were off ‘Death Atlas' ‘Vulturous’, ‘The Great Dying, pt 2’, and ‘Finish Them’. While I consider that album to be a masterpiece from front to back the songs they chose to play live were perfect! Then it happened they played the brand new song 'We eat our young’ not yet released. I can’t wait to hear this on recording as it reminded me of their earlier work off the album ‘To serve man’. Closing out the night with ‘Time’s Cruel Curtain' and ‘Bring Back the Plague'



The Geocide


The Great Dying, Pt. 2

Finish Them

We Eat Our Young

Time’s Cruel Curtain

Bring Back the Plague

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