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Cannibal Corpse came to slaughter the stage at the Encore in Tucson, Arizona and they did. When I arrived at the Encore I wasn't expecting to see the line wrap around the building. I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never been to this venue before and was under the impression it wasn't that big. The bands originally were supposed to play at another venue in town but were beat to the punch by another band and had to book at the Encore. When I got inside I was pleasantly surprised that it was a little bigger than expected, but that didn't really help in the end, but I'll get to that part soon.

First let's take a second and mention the opening band, Black Anvil. This is a band that I never heard of before, so I had been jamming to their tunes all-day trying to prepare myself for a band worthy of opening up for the mighty Cannibal Corpse and I have to say they definitely can hold their own. Once Black Anvil got on stage they brought a ton of energy with their thrash/ black metal riffs that were hot enough to melt your face off. I became an instant fan as I'm a huge Black metal fan and Thrash fan. They brought the two sounds together very nicely. I'd love to see them on tour again.

At this point, the fans had started to pour in, and started to form long lines at the merch booths. The brutal band Immolation was setting up to start their set and as I looked upon the growing crowd I can see the death metal fans preparing for something brutal. Immolation started their set with the fitting opening song from their new record, "Abandoned". The second after the intro song they played, "An Act Of God" another brutal new song off their new album, "Acts Of God" and the mosh pit hard started in mere seconds. Immolation was made for a bill like this and they delivered brutality.

The main supporting band was kind of a surprise to me. Not because they don't belong or anything like that, but because they put on such a good show worthy of headlining, and that they most definitely did. I'm talking about the Dark Lords of Dark Funeral. This band has been a must for me to see live for a long time and they did not let me or the crowd down. I was ecstatic as they opened up with the beautiful sinister song, "Unchain My Soul" from their 2016 album, "Where Shadows Forever Reign". As I tried to hold my camera straight from sheer excitement, I'd try to glance back to see the crowd's excitement and I wasn't surprised to see I wasn't the only one rocking a rather large grin. If you've never seen Dark Funeral live, they are an absolute must. This Swedish black-metal band has been rocking since Lord Ahriman founded the band in 1993. I really hope to see them again soon. Hell, I might be first in line.

Now the face-smashing, blood cumming reigning kings of brutal death metal, CANNIBAL CORPSE! At this point, I couldn't tell if the Encore was oversold or just insanely packed with fans, but I knew any chance of trying to use the restroom or snagging a beer was pretty much out of the question as it would be wildly hard to get back to the front. As the band was preparing the stage, I was looking among the fans and can see their eagerness. I was rather curious how people even had energy after the amazing sets that had already taken place.

Finally, Cannibal Corpse was ready. As the band walked on stage, they stood in a formation with their backs turned at the crowd building anticipation. As Erik Rutan (Lead Guitarist. also lead vocals and guitarist for Hate Eternal) started to play, "Scourge of Iron" and faced the crowd, everyone cheered and screamed. The second Corpsegrinder started his vocals the show was in full swing. As I was attempting to photograph Corpse "The Neck" Grinder I had to dodge the crowd surfers as they had the time of their lives. Cannibal Corpse always delivers amazing sets and I really wish I could have stayed the whole show. It broke my heart to leave early, but the band's manager insisted all media leave the building after the first three songs. All I can say is, I've had the pleasure to see Cannibal Corpse 3 other times and they have NEVER delivered a bad set in my experience. As I was attempting to weave through the incredibly packed Encore towards the exit I witness the faces of true fans and true excitement. Cannibal Corpse is a must for any death metal fan. Can you call yourself a true death metal fan if you've never seen Cannibal Corpse live?


  1. Scourge of Iron

  2. The Time to Kill Is Now

  3. Inhumane Harvest

  4. Code of the Slashers

  5. Fucked With a Knife

  6. The Wretched Spawn

  7. Gutted

  8. Kill or Become

  9. I Cum Blood

  10. Evisceration Plague

  11. Death Walking Terror

  12. Condemnation Contagion

  13. Necrogenic Resurrection

  14. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty

  15. Devoured by Vermin

  16. A Skull Full of Maggots

  17. Stripped, Raped and Strangled

  18. Hammer Smashed Face

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