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Known for three decades of music, particularly their early 1990s favorite Glycerine and Machinehead, which has sold well over 20 million records, English alt-rockers and GRAMMY Award-nominated artists Bush — whose current line-up features vocalist Gavin Rossdale, guitarist Chris Traynor (Helmet, Orange 9mm), bassist Cory Britz, and drummer Nic Hughes — are back with all-new music and tour dates in 2022.

Since the moment Bush made their massive splash with the multi-platinum, multi-hitting album Sixteen Stone, they have had critics taking shots from every angle, casting doubt on the bands authenticity, musical style, and if Bush were too heavily influenced by other bands. 25 years later, with their eighth studio album, The Kingdom, having just debuted at #1 on the Billboard hard rock charts proved that the critiques were wrong.

As I was being escorted into the photo pit I caught Gavin Rossdale looking out into the crowd. His face and gestures said it all. You can see he was ready for this as he smiled and gazed into the packed house at the venue. He started jumping up and down backstage getting ready for what was about to be an unforgettable performance.

Bush finally took the stage at Ak-Chin pavilion at 6:30 pm. As each member came out. Gavin Rossdale took the stage with just a microphone and extremely energetic dancing all over the stage. They opened up with The Kingdom off their latest album released in 2020. Theres something about the opening riff along with the down beat from the drummer that rang throughout the venue creating this massive sound. Even after all these years Gavin Rossdale still has it and sounds absolutely incredible. The next song was one of many massive hits in the 90s and still holds up till this day “MachineHead”. Gavin picked up his signature fender guitar and as soon as that opening riff hit everyone started head banging away. I had to stop taking photos for second and take it all in as this song was a huge part of my teenage years. You could hear as far back as lawn to the fans that were singing along and Gavin feeding off the crowds energy. A couple highlights from the set was when Gavin fell to the floor during Bullet Holes and started singing while on his knees. The guitarist stood over him and they both fed off each other. It was as if Gavin was possessed singing and screaming into the mic. Then during Flowers on the Grave Gavin ran into the crowd literally running around the entire venue while greeting fans. Everyone lost it as he ran around high giving and smiling at fans. This shows exactly the kind of appreciation he has for his fans. Bush is and will always be amazing band to see live.They have kept that unique style of being heavy with a beautiful dark melodic sound.

Catch Bush on tour now

set list:

The kingdom

Machine head

Bullet Holes

Blood River

Everything Zen


Flowers on a grave

More than machines



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