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HEALING MAGIC will release their Volume I: Fire full-length via Blood Blast on May 27th. 
HEALING MAGIC are a natural force of raw sludge, splicing fuzzed-out riffage, ritualistic rhythms, and colossal heaviness amidst drifts of smoke and psychedelics. The duo, hailing from the deserts of Arizona, take influence from the majesty of the mountains, mesas, and spirit of the Canyon State, imparting the music with a blazing desert vibe. Each song is like a trip into a dark fantasy world, a world teeming with a sense of despair, urgency, and unknown dangers -- truly a unique sound, rife with crunching overdrive that is only complimented by subtle melodies and epic song structuring.  Riff-writer and storyteller Igor Amadeus Cavalera wields his guitar and array of amplifiers like a powerful mage, blasting out sonic magic through his speakers while also commanding incantations, shrieking like a witch, and chanting in ways that will leave you entranced under his spell. Drum and cymbal destroyer Johnny Valles smashes and crashes like a hammer wielding warrior, delivering earth shattering drumbeats with ease, and holding down rhythms that shake the very building he’s in. The duo together is a true marvel to witness live, and nearly impossible to believe that so much raw noise and energy could come from just two people. A magic all their own. Lyrically, the band is centered around the story of The Healer and The Tyrant, in an ever-constant struggle between light and dark. Volume 1: Fire is the first album in the epic saga which will unfold in the years to come. Dealing heavily in mysticism, adventure and pain, the words are sure to strike a chord with you as much as the music. Comments Cavalera, "Volume 1: Fire was as spectacular to create as it is to listen to now. It truly showcases what Johnny and I are capable of and sets the stage for our four-album saga. Immerse yourself into the story of The Healer; a tale of adventure, knowledge, spirituality and loss, accompanied by a roaring soundscape. As fiery and blazing as the barren Arizona wastes, it will leave you scorched!"
Adds Valles, “The writing of this album is something I’ll cherish forever. The hard work and dedication that went into this shines from beginning to end and it sets the perfect, aural atmosphere for this triumphant tale.”
In advance of the release of Volume 1: Fire, HEALING MAGIC has unveiled, “A Guiding Flame (In A Dim Corridor).” Stream it at THIS LOCATION.

Volume 1: Fire was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin and will be released digitally with physical editions to follow at a later date. Find digital preorders at THIS LOCATION. Volume 1: Fire Track Listing:1. Mystic Desert2. Smoke Horns3. Resting Beside Embers4. A Guiding Flame (In A Dim Corridor)5. Wolf Coven6. The Lion’s Throne7. Solar Valley8. Volcanic9. Leaving Ashes
HEALING MAGIC w/ Max And Iggor Cavalera’s 2022 Return Beneath Arise Tour:5/22/2022 Sunshine Theater - Albuquerque, NM * w/ Destructionw/ Warbringer:5/23/2022 Jake’s - Lubbock, TX5/24/2022 Amplified Live - Dallas, TX5/25/2022 The Hall - Little Rock, AR5/26/2022 Brooklyn Bowl - Nashville, TN5/27/2022 The Loud - Huntington, WC5/28/2022 Maryland Death Fest - Baltimore, MD5/31/2022 Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY6/01/2022 Toad’s Place - New Haven, CT6/02/2022 XL Live - Harrisburg, PA6/03/2022 King Of Clubs - Columbus, OH6/04/2022 The Forge - Joliet, IL6/05/2022 Piere’s Event Center - Ft Wayne, IN6/06/2022 The Vogue - Indianapolis, IN6/07/2022 Delmar Hall - St Louis, MO6/08/2022 Royal Grove - Lincoln, NEw/ Cephalic Carnage:6/10/2022 Oriental Theater - Denver, CO6/11/2022 Metro Music Hall - Salt Lake City, UT6/13/2022 Elks Temple Spanish Ballroom - Tacoma, WA6/14/2022 Hawthorne Theater - Portland, OR6/16/2022 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA6/17/2022 Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA6/18/2022 The Belasco - Los Angeles, CA6/21/2022 Come And Take It Live - Austin, TX6/22/2022 Scout Bar - Houston, TX6/23/2022 The Rock Box - San Antonio, TX6/24/2022 Rockhouse Outside - El Paso, TX6/25/2022 The Marquee - Temple, AZ HEALING MAGIC:Igor Amadeus Cavalera - vocals, bass, guitarJohnny Valles - drums


 KARDASHEV: Arizona Deathgaze Unit Premieres “Glass Phantoms” Video; Liminal Rite Full-Length Nears Release Via Metal Blade Recordsor 
Tempe, Arizona-based deathgaze unit KARDASHEV today unveils “Glass Phantoms,” the latest single from their stirring new full-length Liminal Rite set for release June 10th via Metal Blade Records. Liminal Rite boasts eleven deeply rousing, poignant, and musically grandiose tracks. Opening with the gorgeous drones of “The Approaching Of Atonement” before launching into the densely layered, surging “Silvered Shadows,” an air of tragedy looms over much of the record’s proceedings demanding an emotional response at every musical turn. The record follows a narrative laid out by drummer Sean Lang’s spoken word parts. Elaborates guitarist Nico Mirolla of the record’s weighty theme, “Liminal Rite explores how the past can both wound and seduce, leading us down a path of self-destruction. It’s an anecdotal tale from a fictional man’s perspective late in life on how perception and reality do not always coalesce. His experience tells a larger message of how our minds often create a false view of the past. Sean’s narration is him expressing the man’s perception and recollection of life. The failure of his memory, the nature of dementia, and how it plays into his experience are all encapsulated by the narrative sections.” Relays Mirolla of “Glass Phantoms,” “The Lost Man’s addiction to control fails him. He ascends the stairs, exits the house, and finds himself standing in the spot where his father knelt so many years ago. Guilt masked by anger grabs him by the chest and he curses the earth beneath him. The death of his brother rises to the surface of his mind like a cloud of locusts swarms a field, ripping and tearing until hunger is satiated. He clutches a stone and sees the ghostly effigy of his father’s hand doing the same. Images of the tragedy that took his brother away flood The Lost Man, and he remembers the fury of his father as the truth was laid bare. But what was it that grave mistake that manifested by his own actions? The memory is too far in the ground, buried under broken glass and isolation. But this time will be different. This time he will not be cast aside. He is home, and he would rather die than suffer the loss of his past for a second time.”

Liminal Rite will be available on CD, digitally, and LP in the following color variants: 
Misty Rose Marbled (US exclusive) Light Gray Marbled (US exclusive)Pale Blue Grey Marbled (EU exclusive) Crimson Marbled Marbled (EU exclusive - ltd to 300 copies) Clear Ochre Brown Marbled (EU exclusive - ltd to 200 copies) Pastel Blue Marbled (EU exclusive - ltd to 200 copies) Clear Lilac Marbled (EU exclusive - ltd to 200 copies)
Find preorder options at THIS LOCATION. Fans of The Contortionist, Rivers Of Nihil, Devin Townsend, and Alcest, pay heed.
Forged in 2012, KARDASHEV’s mission statement could best be described as, “Attempting to create the most beautiful, heavy music through themes of love, loss, and altruism in the metal spectrum.” The band dropped their debut full-length Peripety in 2015 and have since focused on short form concept records, most recently 2021’s stirring The Baring Of Shadows. Rarely approaching the creation of a record with any preconceptions or plans as to what form it will take, they work until what they generally envisaged manifests itself. KARDASHEV:Nico Mirolla - guitarsMark Garrett - vocalsAlex Rieth - bassSean Lang - drums

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